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the 48 hour project

Twenty-four selected artists are grouped into four groups and given 48 hours to create a show entitled "Congregation."  They are allowed to use all of Aloft to create, plan, and sleep from 12noon Tuesday, March 7th until 12noon Thursday, March 9th.  Thursday night they premiere their work - it is the opening night performance of Moment.  

The application fee is $25 and goes directly towards making Moment possible (venue rentals, equipment rentals, website hosting, program printing, etc.). Selected artists have lodging and groceries for communal cooking covered for the duration of the 48 hour project, as well as receive festival passes and discounts on masterclasses and workshops during Moment.  


Submissions are reviewed by three artists/organizers devoted to incubating, fostering, and promoting collaborative and experimental work: Holly Treddenick, La Pao Alives, and Shayna Swanson.  Please see below for full profiles on this veritable NAFTA of experimental circus creators.      

By submitting videos you consent to those videos being used (with appropriate credit back to the artist) in promotional materials for Moment, including web and social media.


Circus, movement, dance, physical expression, music, and makers of all types welcome to apply!

Deadline to apply is Monday, January 30th.  


taking place March 7-9, 2017

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(applications will not be considered final until payment is received)
Circus, contemporary circus, Chicago circus, workshops, masterclasses, workshop, masterclass, Holly Treddenick, Femmes du Feu, Circus Sessions, Toronto

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Holly moved to Toronto in 1995 to study at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, where she graduated from the professional training program in 1998. Holly has since studied fire performance, Pochinko clown with Sue Morrison, and aerial dance including silks, rope, hoop, harness, bungee, static and dance trapeze.  She is co-founder of Femmes du Feu, Femmes du Feu also have several outreach activities. Since 2011 Femmes du Feu have been producing Aer Time, a contemporary circus performance series; as well as Aerial Jams, a structured gathering of professional aerial artists to train and skill share. We often work as outside eye to other artists, work in a mentoring role to other aerialists for rigging concepts, and teach beginner to advanced classes. Femmes du Feu have been working with Harbourfront Centre since 2014 on Circus Sessions. Circus Sessions is a week long circus laboratory for professional international artists with a 2 night public showing. Femmes du Feu also worked as co-curator for HarbourKids International Circus festival.

More about Circus Sessions


Circus, contemporary circus, Chicago circus, workshops, masterclasses, workshop, masterclass, La Pao, Paola Aviles, Cracovia 32, Cracovia, Swing Mexico


Paola Avilés, best known a “La Pao” is from Mexico City, Mexico, La Pao is truly one in 21.2 million.  La Pao is no stranger to ambitious, larger than life projects.  She was lead organizer of Circonvención Mexicana, Mexico's largest immersive circus gathering, from 2007-2015.  In addition to being an organizational guru, she is multi-faceted performer. Performing numbers that combine juggling with clown, lindy hopping, and shadow puppetry, La Pao has performed and taught for more than 10 years all across Mexico, Europe, and North America.


She is currently curator and permanent resident of Cracovia 32, a cultural incubator, residency & performance space in Mexico City.  It is a laboratory housing projects of all kinds, from circus to social dance, filmmaking to Gamelan, every moment of Cracovia is lush with interdisciplinary and international exchange.  Additionally, La Pao and her team at Cracovia 32 are the minds and quick steps behind Swing Mexico!, an organization committed to spreading the art of Lindy Hop, a dance that moves to the beat of the BIG BAND JAZZ through classes, social dances, social outreach projects, shows, and festivals with international standards.

More information about Cracovia 32 and Swing México.

REVIEW PANELISTS FOR THE 48 HOUR PROJECT (a veritable N.A.F.T.A. version of collaboration circus creations)

Circus, contemporary circus, Chicago circus, workshops, masterclasses, workshop, masterclass, Shayna Swanson, Aloft, Aloft circus, Aloft Chicago, aloft circus church, circus church, Shayna Swanson

shayna swanson, USA

More info coming soon!

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