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All intensives and workshops take place at Aloft. (*) connotes discussion/lecture-based, rather than movement based.  

TUESDAY, March 7th - THURSDAY, March 9th

12:00pm (3/7) - 12:00pm (3/9)

48 Hour Project creation

THURSDAY, March 9th

2:00-4:00pm - intensives (Guillermo Leon // Emiliano Ron)

4:00-6:00pm - intensives (Terry Crane)

5:30-7:00pm - artists welcome potluck dinner

8:00pm - premiere of the 48 Hour Project (Aloft)

FRIDAY, March 10th

9:00-11:30am - Tightwire jam

9:30-11:30am - intensives (Terry Crane)

11:30-1:30pm - intensives (Emiliano Ron // Guillermo Leon)

11:30-1:00pm - workshops (Julie Marshall - active flexibility // Fernanda Sumano - ABCs of hooping)

1:00-2:00pm - lunch (pop up How do you say Suegra? serves up vegetarian food)

2:00-3:30pm - workshops (Holly Treddenick - anatomy of movement* // David Orozco - stillness & balance)

2:00-4:00pm - intensives (Brett Copes)*

3:00-5:00pm - intensives (Emma Serjeant)

3:30-5:00pm - workshops (Sarah Zalek - Butoh // Roy Gomez Cruz - Circus Festivals in North America: across the arts, industries and communities*)

10:00pm - Moment of Circus (Beat Kitchen)

SATURDAY, March 11th

9:30-11:30am - intensives (Emma Serjeant // Brett Copes*)

11:30-1:30pm - intensives (Terry Crane)

11:30-1:00pm - workshops (Roy Gomez Cruz - Latinxs cirquerxs abroad* // Anne Weshinsky - Sparkle Riot initiation)

1:00-2:00pm - lunch (pop up How do you say Suegra? serves up vegetarian food)

2:00-3:30pm - workshops (Fernanda Sumano - ABC's of hooping // Christine Conroy - self-defense)

3:30-5:00pm - workshops (Holly Treddenick - anatomy of movement* // Sara Greenberg - multimedia and circus*)

6:00pm - El Circo Cheapo Cabaret Revival! - Program A (Jahn School of Fine Arts)

9:00pm - El Circo Cheapo Cabaret Revival! Program B (Jahn School of Fine Arts)

11:00pm -Renegade/afterparty (Underbar)

SUNDAY, March 12th

3:00pm - pop-up art/maker market (Aloft)

3:30pm -5:00pm- Luchadores del Rope! (Aloft)


Friday, March 10th

7:30pm - Quest (Actor's Gymnasium)

8:00pm - Fly-By-Night Circus (MSA Circus)

Saturday, March 11th

4:30pm/7:30pm - Quest (Actor's Gymnasium)

Sunday March 12th

3:30pm - Quest (Actor's Gymnasium)

Intensives and skill share workshops are SOLD OUT, tickets to shows still available here

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